Cuffs and a Rose

Grayson had always heard tales of his great, great, great grandfather, William G. Braden. But they were always just that … tales, so long ago no one in the family really remembered. Stories embellished over the years and handed down from mother to son, father to daughter and re-embellished along … Continue reading

There was a sweet lass…

There was a sweet lass, who had a cute ass But the curves in her blouse were the best in the house Her cleavage was a delight in clothes she wore tight….. And her nipples shown thru with abandon anew Each night she would undress leaving nothing to guess Her … Continue reading

Slow Screw in Sunny Mexico

When I was courting my wife, I created a drink for her which I salaciously called Slow Screw in Sunny Mexico. Last week she brought it to the online Fiesta Friday party at The Novice Gardener and low and behold, it has now been featured on this witty cooking blog. … Continue reading